Scleroderma en coup de sabre with recurrent episodes of brain hemorrhage

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We report a 39-year-old man referred to our facility with linear sclerotic lesions along the several Blaschko's lines of the scalp. A year before the referral, he had had an episode of brain hemorrhage, although there was no evidence of vascular malformation or any other risk factors of brain hemorrhage for his young age. On the diagnosis of scleroderma en coup de sabre, prednisolone intake was initiated, and the skin lesions were well controlled. However, in the course of our follow up, he had another episode of brain hemorrhage, again without any evidence of cerebral vascular abnormalities. Organic intracranial abnormalities in this disease are well-documented, but there have been few reports on comorbid recurrent brain hemorrhages. We herein discuss the possible relationship of the skin lesions with the brain hemorrhages in our case, taking notice of the implication of developmental abnormalities behind these apparently independent phenomena inside and outside the cranium.

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