Obesity Intervention During a Work Health Promotion: The Obesity Intervention Program of the German Military Forces

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Objectives:The aim of the Obesity Intervention Program of the German Army was to enhance physical activity levels, to adjust diet behavior, and to reduce risk factors in outpatients over a period of 24 months.Methods:The data of the participants in the outpatient intervention from 2003 till 2011 were analyzed.Results:In total, 665 participants took part. All examined parameters were improved by the intervention, already in the second follow-up, significant for all parameters. A total of 12.2% of all patients reduced their body weight by 5%, and 8.4% by 10%.Conclusions:A significant improvement in all examined parameters was found. With respect to the fact that the participants of this Obesity Intervention Program were only military servicemen and servicewomen, it should be tested if the program can be transferred on work health promotions outside the military.

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