Developing Effective Health and Safety Training Materials for Workers in Beryllium-Using Industries

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Objective:Despite reduced workplace exposures, beryllium sensitization and chronic beryllium disease still occur. Effective health and safety training is needed.Methods:Through an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Targeted Topic Training grant and company partners, we developed a training program. Evaluation and validation included knowledge and training reaction assessments and training impact survey.Results:We describe herein the iterative, five-pronged approach: (1) needs assessment; (2) materials development; (3) pilot-testing, evaluation, and material revisions; (4) worker training; and (5) evaluation and validation. Mean posttraining test score increased 14% (82% to 96%; P < 0.005) and were unchanged at 90-day follow-up (94%; P = 0.744). In addition, 49% reported making changes in work practices.Conclusions:The use of a five-pronged training program was effective and well received and resulted in improved work practices. These materials are available on the OSHA Web site.

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