Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid microRNA-146a: A Biomarker of Disease Severity and Pulmonary Function in Patients With Silicosis

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To examine the impact of microRNA-146a (miR-146a) on pulmonary function and disease severity in silicosis patients.


Twenty-nine silicosis patients and six observation subjects were recruited. MiR-146a expression level was detected by qRT-PCR, and pulmonary function was assessed with a spirometer.


MiR-146a expression level was higher in silicosis patients than in observation subjects, and the probability of suffering from silicosis increased with increasing miR-146a level. MiR-146a was associated with the severity of silicosis. As the miR-146a increased, the probability of suffering from silicosis increased for stage I patients, and for stage II & III patients, the probability first increased and then decreased. MiR-146a was also associated with decreased pulmonary function measures, pulmonary function impairment, and restrictive ventilator dysfunction.


miR-146a was significantly associated with the disease severity and pulmonary function of silicosis.

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