Anxiety and Depression Mediate the Relationship Between Perceived Workplace Health Support and Presenteeism: A Cross-sectional Analysis

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This study investigates the mediation effect of anxiety and depression on the relationship between perceived health-promoting workplace culture and presenteeism.


Paper surveys were distributed to 4703 state employees. Variables included symptoms of depression (Patient Health Questionnaire-2 [PHQ-2]); anxiety (General Health Questionnaire-12 [GHQ-12]); perceived workplace support for healthy living and physical activity; and presenteeism (Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire). Correlational analyses assessed relationships among culture, mental health, and productivity.


Indirect effects of workplace culture on productivity, mediated by anxiety and depression symptoms were significant (P's = 0.002). Healthy living culture and anxiety were significantly associated (r = −0.110, P < 0.01), and anxiety and presenteeism were significantly associated (r = +0.239, P < 0.01).


Anxiety and depression determine the impact of perceived health promotive workplace culture on employee productivity. The paper highlights importance of health promotive practices targeting employee mental well-being.

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