Need for Recovery as an Early Sign of Depression Risk in a Working Population

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Insights into early indicators of depression in workers are needed to inform indicated depression prevention programs. This study looked at how a high Need for Recovery (NFR) is related to a higher likelihood of a depressive disorder. Second, the added value of considering NFR over traditional work-related risk factors for depression was investigated.


A cross-sectional population-based sample of 2188 Canadian workers measuring Job Strain, NFR, and Depression. Logistic regression of the risk of a depressive disorder was performed with Job Strain and NFR as predictors.


An elevated depression risk high was associated with a high NFR [odds ratio (OR) 8.3, confidence interval (CI) 6.8 to 10.2], but not with high job strain (OR 1.0; CI 0.82 to 1.25).


NFR may have value for indicated depression prevention.

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