Association of Self-Reported Aerobic Physical Activity, Muscle-Strengthening Physical Activity, and Stretching Behavior With Presenteeism

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The aim of this study was to evaluate relations between aerobic physical activity (PA), muscle-strengthening PA, and stretching behavior and presenteeism in university employees.


A cross-sectional study used health assessment data from two employee respondent groups (n2015 = 10,791 and n2009 = 10,165). Multivariable zero-inflated negative binomial regression models assessed the association between self-reported PA types and presenteeism.


There was consistent evidence that employees who reported participating in sufficient aerobic PA had higher odds for no work limitations [odds ratio (OR2015) = 1.45, P < 0.001; OR2009 = 1.55, P < 0.001] and lower levels of work limitations [incidence rate ratio (IRR)2015 = 0.92, P < 0.05; IRR2009 = 0.83, P < 0.001] than employees who reported participating in no activity. There was some evidence of an inverse association between muscle-strengthening PA and work limitations, but no evidence between stretching behavior and work limitations.


Promoting PA among employees is a key health behavior to target for worksites concerned about presenteeism.

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