Diagnosed Chronic Health Conditions Among Injured Workers With Permanent Impairments and the General Population

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To profile chronic health conditions of an injured worker sample before and after workplace injury and compare injured workers to a matched community sample.


Logistic regression analyses compared risk of certain chronic health conditions for permanently disabled injured workers in the pre- and post-injury periods to comparator subsamples from the Canadian Community Health Surveys 2003 and 2009/2010.


There were notable health differences between the injured worker and comparator samples for the post-injury period. Injured men and women were more likely to report arthritis, hypertension, ulcers, depression, and back problems than the comparator sample. Injured women were also more likely to report migraine headaches and asthma.


The observed differences suggest that permanently impaired injured workers experience more rapidly accelerated health declines than other aging workers, and this outcome is gendered.

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