Retrospective Analysis of Annual Worksite Preventive Health Checkups on Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome

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To examine worksite preventive care checkups on the prevalence of hypertension and metabolic syndrome (MetS).


Participants (N = 9269) participated in four annual checkups, counseled, and referred for physician follow-up. Hypertension and MetS prevalence were examined using general linear models or chi-squared analyses.


Significant reductions in the prevalence of hypertension in men (20 to 39 years [20% vs. Y2 9%], 40 to 65 years [38% vs. 20%], 65+ years [38% vs. 24%]) and women (20 to 39 years [8% vs. 4%], 40 to 65 years [23% vs. 11%], 65+ years [29% vs. 15%]), continuing through Y4. MetS followed a similar, yet attenuated pattern, with significance noted in men: (40 to 65 years; Y1 [48%] vs. Y2 [38%]; 65+ years [Y1 [42%] vs. Y3 [40%]]), and women (40 to 65 years group [Y1 [36%] vs. Y3 [32%]]; 65+ years [Y1 [41%] vs. Y3 [38%]]).


Preventive care checkups concurrent with physician referral may significantly help reduce hypertension and MetS in the workplace.

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