Perceived Barriers to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Among Participants in a Workplace Obesity Intervention

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Objective:To characterize barriers to healthy eating (BHE) and physical activity (BPA) among participants in a workplace weight management intervention.Methods:Steps to health participants completed a questionnaire to ascertain barriers to physical activity and healthy eating faced. Exploratory factor analysis was used to determine the factor structure for BPA and BHE. The relationships of these factors with accelerometer data and dietary behaviors were assessed using linear regression.Results:Barriers to physical activity included time constraints and lack of interest and motivation, and to healthy eating, lack of self-control and convenience, and lack of access to healthy foods. Higher BHE correlated with higher sugary beverage intake but not fruit and vegetable and fat intake.Conclusions:To improve their effectiveness, workplace weight management programs should consider addressing and reducing barriers to healthy eating and physical activity.

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