Association of Poultry Processing Industry Exposures With Reports of Occupational Finger Amputations: Results of an Analysis of OSHA Severe Injury Report (SIR) Data

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Objective:This analysis was conducted to identify industry exposures strongly associated with reports of finger amputation.Methods:Reports of severe occupational injuries in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Severe Injury Report (SIR) database were analyzed in relation to U.S. Census Bureau industry employment data. Industries with significantly elevated reporting odds ratios (RORs) and relative reporting risks (RRRs) were identified. Multiple population association measures including population attributable fraction (PAF) were calculated by industry.Results:Among industries with statistically significant RRR and ROR, the poultry processing industry (RRR = 12.60, ROR = 3.37) accounted for the highest PAF by RRR (2.34%) and ROR (1.65%)Conclusion:The results of this analysis identify the poultry processing industry as a leading source of reports of occupational finger amputations and substantiate the need for further collaboration with this industry.

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