A Qualitative Exploration of the Shift Work Experience: The Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to a Healthier Lifestyle and the Role of the Workplace Environment

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Objectives:The study aimed to understand lifestyle practices among shift workers, including an exploration of workers’ perceptions of their workplace environment (WPE).Methods:Fifteen focus groups (FGs) were conducted by two researchers, with a total of 109 participants. A pilot FG was carried out with both researchers present, to ensure consistency in facilitation. To ensure quality control, both researchers analyzed all data collected.Results:Two overarching themes were observed: barriers to leading a healthier lifestyle, and facilitators to leading a healthier lifestyle. The influence of WPE was central to both themes.Conclusion:Investing in employee health is beneficial, particularly among shift workers, who are at an increased health risk. Adopting organizational policies and environmental changes as a core strategy for workplace health promotion may create an environment that makes healthier choices more accessible to all employees.

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