Improvements in Psychological Health Following a Residential Yoga-Based Program for Frontline Professionals

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Objective:The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the effects of a residential yoga-based program on psychological health and health behaviors in frontline professionals.Methods:Frontline professionals from education, health care, human services, and corrections participated in the RISE (Resilience, Integration, Self-awareness, Engagement) program and completed questionnaires at baseline, post-program, and 2 months following RISE.Results:Paired samples t tests revealed improvements in mindfulness, stress, resilience, affect, and sleep quality from baseline to post-program (all Ps < 0.001, N = 55), which were sustained at the 2-month follow-up (all Ps < 0.01, N = 40). Participants also reported increases in exercise, fruit, and vegetable consumption post-program (all Ps < 0.001), all of which persisted at the 2-month follow-up (all Ps < 0.01) except exercise.Conclusion:These findings suggest that RISE improved indices of psychological health and healthy behaviors that remained 2 months following RISE.

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