Work Absenteeism and Presenteeism Loss in Patients With Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

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Objective:To assess work absenteeism and presenteeism, and to identify biopsychosocial predictors of these outcomes in workers with non-cardiac chest pain (NCCP).Methods:This retrospective cohort study included 375 active workers consulting in an emergency room for NCCP.Results:About 66% (247/375) of participants reported work absenteeism in the 3 months preceding the consultation, while 36% (134/375) reported presenteeism during the same period. A family income >$29,999, and reporting at least a mild impact of chest pain on family functioning, social functioning, or physical activities, were associated with work absenteeism. Presenteeism was associated with younger age, symptoms of depression, and heart-focused anxiety.Conclusions:Work absenteeism and presenteeism are highly prevalent among patients with NCCP. Family income and impacts of NCCP on functioning, are associated with increased occupational burden in these patients.

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