Health and Fitness Benefits But Low Adherence Rate: Effect of a 10-Month Onsite Physical Activity Program Among Tertiary Employees

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Objective:The aim of this study was to assess the effects of a 10-month structured physical activity intervention implemented within the workplace on overall health indicators among tertiary (office workers) employees.Methods:In this quasi-experimental study, 224 employees followed a 10-month worksite physical activity program. Overall health was assessed at baseline, after 5 months, and by the end of the intervention.Results:Fat mass percentage decreased significantly. There was a time effect favoring push-ups, abdominal strength, flexibility, heart rate postexercise, heart rate +30 seconds, and heart rate +60 seconds postexercise. Anxiety, depression, and eating habits also improved. In total, 45% of participants completed the whole intervention.Conclusion:Although a structured on-site physical activity program supports improved health indicators, adherence remains a concern and requires specialists to develop new strategies.

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