Meta-Analysis Reveals the Association Between Male Occupational Exposure to Solvents and Impairment of Semen Parameters

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Solvent exposure is among the most common occupational exposures to chemical toxicants; data about the impact of such exposure on semen parameters are contradictory. We conducted the first meta-analysis to evaluate the risk of alteration in semen parameters related to occupational exposure to solvents.


From the PubMed database, we selected studies analyzing the semen of subjects occupationally exposed to solvents, compared with unexposed controls. The meta-analysis was performed on the various semen parameters analyzed in both populations.


Seven studies were included in the study. The meta-analysis revealed a significant decrease in ejaculate volume [standardized mean difference (SMD) = −0.35 (−0.63 to −0.07)] and sperm concentration [SMD = −0.36 (−0.64 to −0.08)] in workers exposed to solvents compared with unexposed controls.


Our results highlight the importance of preventing reprotoxic risks to male fertility in the workplace.

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