Meta-Analysis Reveals the Association Between Male Occupational Exposure to Solvents and Impairment of Semen Parameters

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Objectives:Solvent exposure is among the most common occupational exposures to chemical toxicants; data about the impact of such exposure on semen parameters are contradictory. We conducted the first meta-analysis to evaluate the risk of alteration in semen parameters related to occupational exposure to solvents.Methods:From the PubMed database, we selected studies analyzing the semen of subjects occupationally exposed to solvents, compared with unexposed controls. The meta-analysis was performed on the various semen parameters analyzed in both populations.Results:Seven studies were included in the study. The meta-analysis revealed a significant decrease in ejaculate volume [standardized mean difference (SMD) = −0.35 (−0.63 to −0.07)] and sperm concentration [SMD = −0.36 (−0.64 to −0.08)] in workers exposed to solvents compared with unexposed controls.Conclusion:Our results highlight the importance of preventing reprotoxic risks to male fertility in the workplace.

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