Patient and Staff Views of Quality in Forensic Psychiatric Inpatient Care

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The study describes and compares perceived quality of care among patients and staff using the Quality in Psychiatric Care–Forensic In-Patient and the Quality in Psychiatric Care–Forensic In-Patient Staff questionnaires. The questionnaires are both based on the perception of the quality of the forensic psychiatric care given to the patients, but the wording is adjusted to fit patients or staff. The study sample consisted of 66 patients and 202 staff members from 12 forensic units in Sweden. Using multiple regression analyses to adjust for demographic variables, it was found that patients perceived the quality of support and secluded environment lower than did staff, whereas staff had lower perceptions than patients of the quality of secure environment. The combination of these questionnaires provides new possibilities for assessing the quality of forensic psychiatric care and evaluating interventions, important factors in the management and planning of forensic care.

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