Medico-Legal Evaluation of Firearm Injuries—An Original Study from India with Review of Literature

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Firearm (FA) injuries pose great health burden and presents enormous challenge for health and national economies. This study was undertaken to analyze the characteristics of fatal gunshot injuries, their pattern, associated factors, and postmortem findings in central India, to provide data for such fatalities in this region, which has not been reported earlier. This is a descriptive, retrospective cross-sectional study carried out on the victims of FA injuries referred to the mortuary. Of the autopsies conducted during study, 2.09% were firearm-related deaths. Of the cases, males (92.42%) notably outnumbered females in a ratio of 12.2:1. Homicidal attacks were maximum, and unlicensed, illegal country-made weapons were the preferred choice. Suicides were least. Result signifies that illegal country-made weapons should be strictly limited to save the precious lives. A holistic approach encompassing public awareness, behavioral modification, and stringent management of law and order is the need of the hour.

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