Why Do People Hang Themselves on Trees? An Evaluation of Suicidal Hangings on Trees in Konya, Turkey, between 2001 and 2008

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Hanging is the most common method of suicide in the world, and many public places offer a means or opportunity to carry out the activity. Of 4,452 death examinations and autopsies, there were 378 (8.5%) suicides and suicide method was hanging in 185 (48.9%) cases. In 20 of these (10.8%), the suspension point was the branch of a tree. The incident location was the garden of the victim's house in nine cases, the woodlands in seven cases. The suicides were attributed to psychiatric disorders in nine cases, economic problems in six cases, and family problems in five cases. It is concluded that hanging on a tree as a suicide method is often committed by males and the underlying motive may be different in suicidal hangings on trees occurring at daytime and night. For preventional purposes, the reporting of such suicides in public places by the media may be restricted by local authorities.

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