Study on the Method Used to Display Self-fading Lines and Erasable Lines

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Two new kinds of writing tools are popular in China's market. One is a self-fading pen, and another is an erasable pen. The ink of the two kinds of writing tools has a remarkable characteristic that it can gradually fade or disappear under heat or be rubbed off. How to reveal the disappeared written lines is a very important question for document examiners. In this article, three series of ink line samples were made with five types of self-fading pens, 18 types of erasable pens, and three types of papers. Temperature, humidity, and lighting are known as influential factors of the process, and the effect of fading was examined. Luminescence, ultraviolet (UV), sidelight, electrostatic indentation development,low temperature, and solution revealing methods are found to be effective methods used to reveal the disappeared written lines. The best operating conditions for each method were obtained from the conducted experiments.

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