Changing Womanhood: Perimenopause Among Filipina-Americans

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ObjectiveTo develop a conceptualization of perimenopause experienced by Filipina-American women.DesignGrounded theory methods of interviews and constant comparative analysis.SettingParticipants were interviewed in their homes or other location of their choosing.ParticipantsSixteen Filipina-American women who had not menstruated in the past 6 months or who identified themselves as perimenopausal.Main outcome measuresChanging womanhood was the core category and was related to three major categories: living in my changing body changing family relationships and changing community networks.ResultsThe women experienced changes such as hot flashes and irritability as well as role conflicts and broadening community involvement. The perimenopause is also a time to focus on oneself and to seek activities of a personal, familial, and community nature that are fulfilling in a different way than previous child-rearing activities.ConclusionFilipina-American women experience perimenopause as a normal process of aging rather than as symptomatic of disease, thus providing a health-oriented model of perimenopause.

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