Insomnia Treatment Preferences During Pregnancy

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To determine pregnant women's preferences for the treatment of insomnia: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-I), pharmacotherapy, or acupuncture.


A cross-sectional survey of pregnant women.


We recruited participants in person at a low-risk maternity clinic and a pregnancy and infant trade show and invited them to complete an online questionnaire.


The sample (N = 187) was primarily White (70%), married or common-law married (96%), and on average 31 years of age; the mean gestational age was 28 weeks.


Participants read expert-validated descriptions of CBT-I, pharmacotherapy, and acupuncture and then indicated their preferences and perceptions of each approach.


Participants indicated that if they experienced insomnia, they preferred CBT-I to other approaches, χ2(2) = 38.10, p < .001. They rated CBT-I as the most credible treatment (η2partial = .22, p < .001) and had stronger positive reactions to it than to the other two approaches (η2partial = .37, p < .001).


Participants preferred CBT-I for insomnia during pregnancy. This preference is similar to previously reported preferences for psychotherapy for treatment of depression and anxiety during pregnancy. It is important for clinicians to consider women's preferences when discussing possible treatment for insomnia.

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