Reduction of aquaporin-8 on fetal membranes under oligohydramnios in mice lacking prostaglandin F2α receptor

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To investigate the association between aquaporin-8 (AQP-8: a water channel protein) expression in fetal membranes and oligohydramnios during near-term and postdate pregnancy, we set up an oligohydramnios model using prostaglandin F2α receptor (FP)-deficient mice.


Pregnant FP-deficient mice from 14 to 21 gestational days (GD) were killed to measure the amniotic fluid volume (AFV), and fetal membranes were collected for the analysis of aquaporin-8 expression.


The AFV was highest at 14 GD, and was significantly decreased to 28% and 0% at 20 GD and 21 GD, respectively, compared with the volume at 14 GD. Immunohistochemistry and immunoblot analysis showed that aquaporin-8 was expressed in the basal component of fetal membranes, and that the protein level was significantly decreased to 60% at 20 GD compared with that at 14 GD.


We demonstrated that AQP-8 expression in the fetal membrane was decreased at post term in FP-deficient mice. Our findings suggest that aquaporin-8 in fetal membranes may be involved in the regulation of AFV, especially when oligohydramnios occurs.

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