Pregnancy coexisting with uterus didelphys with a blind hemivagina complicated by pyocolpos due toPediococcusinfection: A case report and review of the published reports

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A woman in early pregnancy was referred due to severe pelvic pain. Vaginal examination showed a severely protruding left vaginal wall with severe tenderness. A transvaginal ultrasound showed a double uterus and a mixed echogenic mass next to the cervix of the left uterus. After creating an opening in the left vaginal wall and inserting a Foley catheter through the opening into the vaginal wall for drainage with antibiotic therapy, the patient's condition rapidly improved. A culture of the pus drained from the vaginal wall showed Pediococcus species. The patient delivered a healthy infant by cesarean section at term gestation without recurrence of pyocolpos. Ten months after delivery, resection of the vaginal septum was performed and the left cervix was exposed. Ultrasound revealed normal kidneys.

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