Annual report of the Committee on Gynecologic Oncology, the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology collects and analyzes annual data on gynecologic cancers from member institutions. Here we present the Treatment Annual Report for 2007. Data on the prognosis of 3381 patients with cervical cancer, 3681 with endometrial cancer, and 2367 with ovarian cancer for whom treatment was initiated in 2007 were analyzed in the Treatment Annual Report. In the 2007 Treatment Annual Report, stage I accounted for 53.1%, stage II for 24.4%, stage III for 14.2%, and stage IV for 8.3% of all patients with cervical cancer. Stage I accounted for 64.8%, stage II for 8.2%, stage III for 20.2%, and stage IV for 6.9% of all patients with endometrial cancer. Stage I accounted for 41.4%, stage II for 9.9%, stage III for 30.6%, and stage IV for 8.6% of all patients with ovarian cancer.

The 5-year overall survival rates for patients with cervical cancer were 91.8% for stage I, 71.5% for stage II, 53.0% for stage III, and 23.7% for stage IV; those for patients with endometrial cancer were 95.3%, 89.8%, 75.6%, and 29.1%, and those for patients with ovarian surface epithelial–stromal tumors were 91.5%, 76.1%, 46.9%, and 31.3%, respectively.

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