Successful radiotherapy for repeated recurrent uterine clear cell adenocarcinoma

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Uterine clear cell adenocarcinoma (UCCA) is rare and resistant to treatment. We report a UCCA patient who responded to radiotherapy on each relapse. The first relapse was detected in the vaginal wall after the first course of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. Radiotherapy was conducted. Recurrent tumors were detected in the left lung after 5 months and in the right lung after 8 months. Partial resection of the lungs was performed. After 5 months, relapse was detected in the left pulmonary apex. Stereotactic radiotherapy was conducted. After 7 months, relapse was detected in the left pulmonary apex outside the irradiation field, and stereotactic radiotherapy was performed. During the subsequent 36-month follow-up, there has been no relapse. Although UCCA is resistant to treatment, radiotherapy is effective in some cases, as demonstrated in this patient. Even when relapse is repeated, radiotherapy may be considered as a treatment option if the recurrent focus is localized.

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