Acceptability of Phoenurse female condom and second-generation Femidom female condom in Chinese women

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To compare the acceptability of Phoenurse female condom (PFC) and second-generation Femidom female condom (FC2) among Chinese women.


A randomized, cross-over clinical trial was carried out in women aged 20–49 years seeking family service in Qingdao, China, between April and October 2013. Women were classified into two groups using a computer-generated randomized sequence. Participants completed questionnaires at baseline and after using 10 of each type of female condom (FC).


Of 290 women, 247 (85.2%) believed that FC could protect against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. A total of 152 (52.5%) thought that the female condom (FC) contraceptive failure rate was higher, and 107 (36.9%) thought that FC could be reused before they participated in this study. After the study, 135 (46.6%) and 39 women (13.4%) would have been happy to use FC2 and PFC, respectively. Significant difference was noted between PFC and FC2 for the features color, lubrication and overall fit, rather than length, appearance, smell and application method. A total of 68 (23.5%) and 140 women (49.5%) liked FC2's color and lubrication better than PFC (44, 15.2%; 99, 34.6%). Also, 158 women (54.5%) preferred the overall fit of FC2 compared with PFC (143, 49.5%; P < 0.05).


Participants did not have sufficient knowledge about the contraceptive effect and use of FC. Lubrication means the smooth degree of using FC. Length means the size of FC. Appearance means the users' overall impression of the FC.

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