All in the Family: Work–Family Enrichment and Crossover Among Farm Couples

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This study expands upon the contextualization of the work–family interface by examining positive work–family experiences within the farming industry. Both individual and crossover effects were examined among a sample of 217 married farm couples. Results demonstrated multiple significant relationships between self-reported attitudes, work–family enrichment, and health outcomes. In addition, crossover effects reveal the importance of individual attitudes (husband work engagement and wife farm satisfaction) for spousal work–family enrichment and health outcomes. Furthermore, individual work–family enrichment was positively related to spousal psychological health and negatively related to spousal physical symptoms. Many of these findings remained significant after controlling for work–family conflict. Overall, our results suggest the potential beneficial impact of the integrated work–family dynamic associated with the farming profession for positive work–family experiences. Implications of these findings, as well as directions for future research, are discussed.

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