Salt taste perception and relationship with blood pressure in type 2 diabetics

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Patients with type 2 diabetes (normotensives, n = 59; hypertensives, n = 56) and matched controls (n = 60) had salt taste perception determined using graded NaCl solutions (0-400 mmol l−1). Diabetic hypertensives, diabetic normotensives and controls differed significantly in taste threshold to NaCl recognition (F = 4.4, P = 0.01) and prevalence of NaCl taste insensitivity (P = 0.003). Taste threshold to NaCl recognition correlated positively with duration of diabetes (r = 0.402, P = 0.04) and was associated with mean arterial pressure (P<0.001), the association being significant after adjustment for age (P<0.001), gender (P<0.001), family history of hypertension (P<001), body mass index (P<0.01), antihypertensive medication (P<0.01) and proteinuria (P<0.04).

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