Collaborations with Pediatric Hospitalists: National Surveys of Pediatric Surgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons

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To understand characteristics of pediatric hospitalist (PH) involvement in the care of children admitted to surgical services and explore surgeons’ perspectives of PH effectiveness, we conducted a cross-sectional, web-based survey of pediatric surgical (PS) and pediatric orthopedic subspecialists (OS) from professional organizations. We used basic analyses to compare responses between the two surgical groups. The initial response rate was 48% (291/606) for PS and 59% (415/706) for OS. Among 185 PS and 212 OS unique programs, PH were routinely engaged (69% and 75%) in the care of surgical patients, particularly in patients with medical complexity (64% PS vs 81% OS; P = .003). PS and OS perceived positive PH impact on care coordination and comorbidity management but little on pain management or length of stay. OS were more likely than PS to view PH involvement positively (64% vs 42%; P < .001). Further research on care models, especially for children with medical complexity, is needed.

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