The benefit of early rehabilitation following tendon repair of the hand: A population-based claims database analysis

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Study design:

A retrospective cohort.


The benefits of early rehabilitation after hand tendon repair have not been analyzed using population-based datasets.

Purpose of the study:

to analyze whether early rehabilitation reduces the resurgery risk and the use of rehabilitation resources.


Patients (n = 1219) who underwent hand tendon repairs followed by rehabilitation were identified from a nationwide claims database and divided into 3 groups: early (<1 wk after tendon repair), intermediate (1–6 wk), or late (>6 wk) rehabilitation. The resurgery rate and the use of rehabilitation resources after tendon repair were calculated. Cox proportional hazards models were used to evaluate the relevant predictors of resurgery.


The early rehabilitation group exhibited the lowest resurgery rate and used the fewest rehabilitation resources. Compared with late rehabilitation, early or intermediate rehabilitation conferred protective effects against resurgery in patients without a concomitant upper-limb fracture.


Our findings suggest the benefit of early rehabilitation after hand tendon repair.

Level of evidence:


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