Effect of functional electrical stimulation on the proprioception, motor function of the paretic upper limb, and patient quality of life: A case report

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Functional electrical stimulation (FES) has shown to improve motor function of the affected side in stroke patients; however, the effects of FES on proprioception, the functional recovery of the paretic upper limb, and the patient quality of life (QoL) are not clear. The aim of the current case report was to determine whether FES can improve joint position sense and the scores on measurements of upper limb function and a QoL survey. The participant was assessed before and after 10 consecutive intervention sessions; in addition, the patient performed the training tasks in the workstation assisted by the FES device. Improvements in angles and time only in the affected wrist and enhancement in the Action Research Arm Test scores for both upper limbs were found after FES intervention. In addition, the patient's health-related QoL measurements improved. FES could ameliorate the proprioceptive deficit and the activity limitations of a stroke survivor.Oxford Level of Evidence:3b; individual case control study.

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