The fastest field sport in the world: A case report on 3-dimensional printed hurling gloves to help prevent injury

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Study Design:Case series.Introduction:Hand injuries are the most common injury observed in hurling although compliance in wearing protective gloves is reportedly low.Purpose of the Study:To devise a glove that offers comfort, protection and freedom of movement, using the bespoke capabilities of 3-dimensional (3D) printing.Methods:Each player's “catching” hand was imaged using a 3D scanner to produce a bespoke glove that they later trialed and provided feedback.Results:Nine players provided feedback. On average, the players favorably rated the glove for the protection offered. The average response on comfort was poor, and no players reported that glove aided performance during play.Discussion:This feasibility study explores the versatility of 3D printing as a potential avenue to improve player compliance in wearing protective sportswear. Feedback will help refine glove design for future prototypes.Conclusions:Hurling is the primary focus in this study, but knowledge gains should be transferable to other sports that have a high incidence of hand injury.Level of Evidence:4.

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