Mycobactericidal Activity of Human Natural, Monoclonal, and Recombinant Yeast Killer Toxin-like Antibodies

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Human natural (KTAb), murine monoclonal (KTMAb), and single-chain recombinant (KTScFv) candidacidal antibodies representing the internal image of a killer toxin from the yeast Pichia anomala (KT), characterized by a wide spectrum of antibiotic activity, exerted a lethal effect against a KT-sensitive multidrug-resistant isolate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. KTMAb and KTScFv were produced by the hybridoma and DNA technologies, respectively, from the spleen lymphocytes of animals immunized with the idiotype of a KT-neutralizing MAb (MAb KT4), while KTAb were purified against MAb KT4 from the vaginal fluid of women infected with Candida albicans cells bearing an idiotype-like KT cell wall receptor. Mycobactericidal activity was related to the binding of KTAb, KTMAb, and KTScFv to the cell surface of KT-sensitive bacterial cells and was prevented by specific absorption of KT-like antibodies onto MAb KT4. These data identify a novel potentially useful immunotherapeutic approach to tuberculosis.

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