Cytokine Production in Varicella-Zoster Virus—Stimulated Cultures of Human Blood Lymphocytes

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Estimates of responder cell frequency (RCF) based on limiting dilution analyses are laborious, and alternative means to quantitate cell-mediated immunity to immunogens are desirable. It was shown that levels of interleukin (IL)-2 in the supernatant of varicella-zoster virus—stimulated blood lymphocytes from immune adults peaked at 48 h of culture and correlated partially with estimates of RCF (r= .74,P= .003). Levels of γ-interferon, IL-4, and IL-10 increased through the first 4 days of culture, and γ-interferon levels showed some correlation with peak IL-2 levels (r= .48,P= .03). Nevertheless, correlations between levels of these cytokines and RCF did not reach statistically significant levels.

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