Human Papillomavirus Prevalence and Genotypes Distribution Among Female Outpatients in Qingdao, East China

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Persistent infection with human papillomavirus, especially high risk ones, is a necessary cause of cervical cancer. This study aimed to investigate the distribution of HPV genotypes in female outpatients from Qingdao, East China. A total of 4,534 cervical swabs from women visiting this medical institution for gynecologic care were included. HPV genotypes were examined by a PCR-based hybridization gene chip assay and liquid-based cytology analysis was used to evaluate cervical cytology. The overall HPV prevalence in this study was 32.2% (1,459/4,534). A total of 23 HPV genotypes were identified and the five most prevalent ones were HPV16 (16.1%), HPV52 (8.9%), HPV58 (7.9%), HPV6 (7.0%), and HPV53 (6.5%). Age-specific prevalence of HPV exhibited one peak at the youngest age group and the HPV positive rate decreased gradually with age growth. But high risk HPV infections were more prevalent among aged women. Besides, association between cervical cytology and HPV infection was also determined, 27.2% (1124/4,126) of women with normal cytology were HPV positive while 82.1% (335/408) of women with abnormal cytology were HPV positive. These findings give new epidemiological data and may provide guidance for the vaccination program in this area. J. Med. Virol. 87:2114–2121, 2015. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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