Free Mucosal Graft Reconstruction of the Septum after Nasoseptal Flap Harvest: A Novel Technique Using a Posterior Septal Free Mucosal Graft

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ObjectivesThe nasoseptal flap (NSF) has become the workhorse for reconstruction in endoscopic endonasal skull-base surgery. The NSF, though useful in reconstruction, may lead to significant donor site morbidity. Published techniques to reduce the donor site morbidity, free mucosal grafts, and septal rotational flaps have shown to reduce crusting and remucosalization times. We present a novel technique utilizing posterior septal mucosa as a free mucosal graft for reconstruction of the anterior septal donor site. The septal mucosal graft is taken from the mucosa overlying the posterior septectomy site of the endonasal approach to skull base tumors.DesignRetrospective chart review.SettingSingle tertiary academic medical center.ParticipantsAll patients who underwent endoscopic endonasal skull-base surgery between November 1, 2014 and August 30, 2015 with free mucosal graft reconstruction of the NSF donor site.Main Outcome MeasuresPostoperative graft success.ResultsFifteen patients underwent septal reconstruction using a septal free mucosal graft. There was a 100% graft success rate with near complete remucosalization by 6 weeks postoperatively.ConclusionsThe posterior septal free mucosal graft is a simple, reliable method for reconstructing the NSF donor site. The advantages of this technique include utilization of native septal mucosal tissue and middle turbinate preservation.

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