The Importance of Immediate Bone Block Autograft to Successfully Restore the Function and Aesthetic of the Anterior Alveolar Process and Teeth

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Maxillofacial traumatic injuries can damage the jaw, teeth, and soft tissues of the head and neck region. When these injuries occur, best practice is to reconstruct as comprehensively as is clinically prudent at time of injury. Smart and efficient procedures during the initial surgery can minimize subsequent reconstructive procedures in scope and number, minimize expense, and result in a better final aesthetic and functional outcome. Restoration of anterior alveolar jaw fractures with comminuted or avulsed segments becomes a complex prospect when left untreated after initial trauma or injury and can result in alveolar ridge defects that are difficult, costly, and cumbersome to repair. This case report details one 19-year-old woman who had a traumatic injury in these areas and has a best result outcome because of immediate reconstruction efforts involving a bone block autograft to preserve alveolar process anatomy.

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