Does birth weight discordance in preterm twins affect neonatal outcome?

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To compare neonatal morbidity and mortality between hospitalized discordant and concordant preterm twin pairs.

Study Design:

This was a retrospective, hospital-based study of preterm twins, followed in neonatal intensive care unit. Twins were classified as discordant when the difference in birth weight was >15%. Morbidity and mortality rates were compared between discordant and concordant groups.


Of 136 preterm twins in the study, 54 were discordant and 82 were concordant. In discordant twins hypoglycemia and cesarean delivery rate was higher than concordant pairs. The mortality rate did not differ between concordant and discordant groups.


Hospitalized preterm discordant twin pairs have an increased risk of hypoglycemia compared to concordants. Discordant growth is not a risk factor for prolonged hospitalization and increased mortality.

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