Hospitalized late preterm mild preeclamptic patients with mature lung testing: what are the risks of delivery?

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To evaluate the risk of elective delivery of hospitalized patients with isolated mild preeclampsia with mature fetal lung profile compared with a cohort of patients who had preeclampsia with indicated delivery matched for gestational age.

Study Design:

Patients with mild preeclampsia requiring hospitalization between 34 and 37 weeks estimated gestational age were offered amniocentesis for assessment of fetal lung maturity. If fetal lung maturity was documented, patients were offered delivery. These cases were then compared with indicated or spontaneously delivered controls with preeclampsia matched for gestational age.


A total of 51 cases were identified and matched with 51 controls. Sixteen case neonates (31.4%) were admitted to neonatal intensive care unit compared with 21 controls (41.2%). Five cases (9.8%) in each group developed respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).


Elective delivery of mild preeclampsia with mature lung profiles in the late preterm gestation is not without neonatal risks, including a 10% risk of RDS in this series.

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