The epidemiology, prevalence and hospital outcomes of infants with gastroschisis

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate recent trends in prevalence of gastroschisis among infants admitted for neonatal intensive care in the United States.


Retrospective review of a de-identified patient data. The current study extends our observations through the end of 2007 to 2015.


During the study period (1 January 1997 to 12 December 2015), there were 1 158 755 total discharges; 6023 (5.2/1000) had gastroschisis and 1885 (1.6/1000) had an omphalocele. Between 1997 and 2008, the reported rate of gastroschisis increased from 2.9 to 6.4/1000 discharges. From 2008 to 2011, the values have slowly decreased from 6.4 to 4.7/1000 discharges and since 2011 have been stable. The largest drop in the prevalence was in mothers who were < 20 years old. In contrast, the reported rate of omphalocele was stable at 1 to 2/1000 discharges.


The prevalence of gastroschisis increased from 1997 to 2008, and then declined thereafter.

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