A randomized controlled study of the efficacy of 4 weeks of supplementation with ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in cases of unexplained oligohydramnios

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To investigate the effect of ω-3 fatty acids on amniotic fluid volume and uterine artery blood flow after 4 weeks of treatment.


A randomized clinical trial was conducted on 140 participants with unexplained oligohydramnios at Woman's Health Hospital, Assiut University, Egypt. Participants were randomly assigned to ω-3 plus capsules or placebo. Categorical variables were analyzed by means of the χ2 test, whereas continuous variables were analyzed by means of the independent-sample T-test between the two groups.


One hundred and forty women were recruited. There was significant improvement in the amniotic fluid index (AFI) in the ω-3 plus group in comparison with the placebo group (P = 0.001). Moreover, there were significant decreases in the systolic/diastolic ratio (P = 0.01), resistance index (P = 0.041) and pulsatility index (P = 0.002) of the uterine arteries in the ω-3 plus group when comparing baseline values with those after 4 weeks.


The results suggest that ω-3 fatty acids may have a role in the increase in AFI in cases of unexplained oligohydramnios. This effect may be secondary to the increase in uterine blood flow.

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