Choosing entrustable professional activities for neonatology: a Delphi study

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OBJECTIVE:To assess candidate neonatology EPAs taken from separate but overlapping sets from two organizations.STUDY DESIGN:Using a Delphi process, we asked that neonatology fellowship directors (1) assess importance and scope of 19 candidate EPAs, and (2) propose additional EPAs if necessary. In round 2, we sought clarification of first round responses and evaluated proposed additional EPAs.RESULTS:Twenty program directors participated. In round 1, all EPAs were scored as important, but four were overly broad. In round 2, respondents rejected proposed subdivisions of one overly broad EPA, retaining it as originally proposed. Specification of entrustment criteria improved the scope of the three other broad EPAs. However, after specification, they were re-rated as insufficiently important and therefore rejected. Neither newly proposed EPA from round 1 was rated as sufficiently important.CONCLUSION:The Delphi process yielded 13 EPAs with which to assess capability to practice clinical neonatology.

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