Lost in translation? English- and Spanish-speaking women's perceptions of gestational weight gain safety, health risks and counseling

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To determine English- and Spanish-speaking women's perceptions on gestational weight gain (GWG) counseling.


We administered a written survey to 279 pregnant women regarding GWG counseling and knowledge. We compared English- and Spanish-speaking women's responses using X2-tests and logistic regression analyses.


Seventy-four (27%) women completed the survey in Spanish and 205 (73%) in English. More Spanish compared with English speakers did not know if their provider recommended weight gain goals (26% vs 10%, odds ratio (OR) 3.2, confidence interval (CI) 1.5 to 6.5); if there are risks to excessive GWG for mother (27% vs 11%, OR 3.1, CI 1.5 to 6.4) or infant (38% vs 16%, OR 3.3, CI 1.7 to 6.3); or if exercise (15% vs 1%, OR 12.1, CI 3.0 to 69.1) or weight loss (35% v 12%, OR 4.0, CI 2.0 to 8.0) were safe during pregnancy.


Significant differences exist between Spanish- and English-speaking women's perception of GWG counseling, which may be due to language or cultural barriers.

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