Changing Number and Distribution of Periodontists: A Continuing Imbalance—1987–1995*

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A review of the 1995 and past American Dental Association (ADA) studies on the distribution of dentists provides information on the evolving numbers of periodontists. Despite an overall increase in the number of periodontists, major differences continue in practitioner-to-population ratios in different geographic areas. Suggestions include 1) efforts by the ADA and/or The Academy of Periodontology to draw attention to the limited numbers of periodontists in particular locales and states; 2) increased general efforts to educate the public on the need and value of periodontal services; and 3) increase in the profession's awareness of the growing diversity in the population of the nation and the need to modify and adjust its efforts to attract underserved populations with different familial, cultural, and educational backgrounds. J Periodontol 1998;69:439–444.

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