Lichenoid and granulomatous stomatitis: an entity or a non-specific inflammatory process?

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The presence of lichenoid or granulomatous inflammation in an oral mucosal biopsy usually suggests a distinct range of diagnostic possibilities. However, the presence of both patterns of inflammation in the same biopsy is uncommon.


A clinico-pathological study of six patients.


All the patients in this study presented with similar mucosal lesions of the upper lip. Microscopically the lesions were characterized by the presence of lichenoid inflammation with concomitant granulomatous inflammation. The lesions were persistent and refractory to treatment with steroid medications, but remained localized and did not appear to herald the onset of systemic inflammatory or neoplastic disease.


We propose the designation ‘lichenoid and granulomatous stomatitis’ for the cases described in this study. The clinico-pathological features of a subset of these cases suggest an unusual drug eruption.

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