Treatment of gingival lichen with free palatal grafts

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Recalcitrant gingival erythematous lichen planus/lichenoid lesions comprise a considerable therapeutic problem. The objective of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic effect of grafting keratinized oral palatal mucosa to the sites of gingival lichen.


In 12 patients 20 grafts were transplanted to buccal gingival lesions. Mean age of the patients was 59.8 ± 7.1 years (range 46–71 years). The mean observation time was 32 ± 32.7 months (range 5–97 months).


On a 4-point clinical grade scale (0–3), 12 (60%) transplants showed complete healing grade 3, six (30%) grade 2 and two (10%) grade 1.


Using oral mucosal grafts from the palatal mucosa for the treatment of recalcitrant erythematous gingival lichen planus/lichenoid lesions seems to be a promising treatment modality.

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