New Constrained Optimization Reformulation of Complementarity Problems1

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We suggest a reformulation of the complementarity problem CP(F) as a minimization problem with nonnegativity constraints. This reformulation is based on a particular unconstrained minimization reformulation of CP(F) introduced by Geiger and Kanzow as well as Facchinei and Soares. This allows us to use nonnegativity constraints for all the variables or only a subset of the variables on which the function F depends. Appropriate regularity conditions ensure that a stationary point of the new reformulation is a solution of the complementarity problem. In particular, stationary points with negative components can be avoided in contrast to the reformulation as unconstrained minimization problem. This advantage will be demonstrated for a class of complementarity problems which arise when the Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions of a convex inequality constrained optimization problem are considered.

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