Feasible Direction Interior-Point Technique for Nonlinear Optimization1

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We propose a feasible direction approach for the minimization by interior-point algorithms of a smooth function under smooth equality and inequality constraints. It consists of the iterative solution in the primal and dual variables of the Karush–Kuhn–Tucker first-order optimality conditions. At each iteration, a descent direction is defined by solving a linear system. In a second stage, the linear system is perturbed so as to deflect the descent direction and obtain a feasible descent direction. A line search is then performed to get a new interior point and ensure global convergence. Based on this approach, first-order, Newton, and quasi-Newton algorithms can be obtained. To introduce the method, we consider first the inequality constrained problem and present a globally convergent basic algorithm. Particular first-order and quasi-Newton versions of this algorithm are also stated. Then, equality constraints are included. This method, which is simple to code, does not require the solution of quadratic programs and it is neither a penalty method nor a barrier method. Several practical applications and numerical results show that our method is strong and efficient.

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