Interrater Reliability of an Admission Interview Scale

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The purpose of this study was to examine the interrater reliability of an interview scale used during an undergraduate physical therapist education program admission cycle. An experienced faculty interviewer conducted an admission interview with two subjects. Those interviews were videotaped. Eight other faculty members involved in the admission process later viewed the videotapes. All faculty members used a previously developed interview scale to score each subject. Data were analyzed using a Cohen's Kappa statistic and a Spearman rank correlation coefficient. These analyses revealed perfect Spearman rank correlations (rs=1.00, P<.05) but poor Kappa reliability coefficients (K=.34-.49). The data were interpreted as showing poor exact agreement between raters. All raters, however, agreed on the ranking of the two subjects. The use of an individual interview as a part of a physical therapist education program admission process is discussed.

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